About Vegamix

Vegamix is all about the transformation that food can make in your life. Focusing on healthier snacks will give you that healthy glow and consistent energy.

Vegamix helps vegans overcome the challenges of achieving a more ethical and compassionate lifestyle without having to give up tasty and fulfilling treats.

Every month, we at Vegamix search for the most exciting, unique and tasty vegan treats. We save you the trouble of finding new vegan snacks whilst also giving you the opportunity to try new flavours and ingredients.

Each month you will get a new selection of vegan snacks. Below are some of the snacks you can expect:

Raw bars - Energy balls - Dried fruits - Vegetable chips - Chocolate - Sweets - Biscuits - Cookies - Granola bites - Crackers - Seeds and nuts - Snack bars - Superfoods - Trail mixes - Coconut chips - Fruit chews

How it works

Every month we'll make 'Health' a priority in your life by surprising you with fantastic vegan snacks.

Choose your once-off Vegamix or subscribe for your monthly Vegamix. 

We fill your box with a variety of tasty vegan snacks.

Receive your Vegamix on the first week of the month.

Enjoy your delicious snacks and learn about the nutritional value of each.

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Order your Once-off Vegamix or Vegamix Gift Box and receive within 4-5 working days. Order your Monthly Vegamix before the 15th and receive during the first week of each month.

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